Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our meeting with JP

He stepped out of his truck, "Why do you two always pick the worst days to have these meetings?"

Our last meeting was on the coldest day of winter, literally. The wind chill temps were dropping well below zero. Today, it was rainy and muddy. 

My first question was about the sealant and why it's only on certain portions. He explained it's used only to keep water out of the basement. 

The second question was about the electrical they are putting in. They have dug a trench on our street on the opposite side of the road. Apparently they are going to bring it under the road to get to our house. The best news is that the big ugly box will be across the street. We will have a small green cap, easily camouflaged by landscaping. Not only is the electrical going in, but the other utilities, such as cable, are going in at the same time. 

I asked where we were in the process and what was next. Today they had an inspection on the sealant. Next comes a partial backfilling, then the plumbers come out and do their thing before the foundation is poured. 

We walked around to the backyard. I was correct in assuming our yard would come flush just over the top of the black sealant. That's going to take a lot of dirt. He merely pointed to the huge mountain of dirt, explaining all of that would be coming behind the house. He is going to flatten out most of the yard behind the house about 15 feet, then let it slope down at the tree line. We were very happy with his plans. John reminded him of his desire to have the big boulder moved to the front yard. 

While scoping out the front yard I mentioned my concern of the gravel. JP reminded me of how our pie shaped lot has a very narrow front yard. He then pointed to our lot stake and sure enough, most of the gravel is on what will be our future neighbors yard. Sucks for them. They do come in and try to clear most of it, but I'm sure there is no way to get it all. 

All in all we were very happy with the meeting. JP knows what he's doing. The model home will be open for business in about two weeks. 

About two hours after our meeting I went back to scope out the Bentwood in drywall phase now. Then the Pinehurst across the street, in the process of getting all of its plumbing and electrical done. I haven't found anything glaringly wrong or poor workmanship, which makes me very happy. 

The surprise is what was accomplished in two hours at our place. Especially considering no one was on site during our meeting, or when I came by later. 

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  1. Look at that pretty progress!!!! I'm so excited for you. I really can't wait to see your home come together. It's such a cool floor plan.