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Home Sweet Home
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A couple of unexpected finds

I was roped into going to BestBuy today with my boyfriend. He wanted to get a new phone. I am not a big fan of shopping or stores so it was not something to look forward to

So while he sat with the clerk I roamed the store. I was surprised to find a large appliance section. I always thought of best buy as a tv/computer/gadget kind of place.  Now look what I found. 

It's the slide in range that we chose for our house. No one in town has it in stock. We've been everywhere. It was nice to see it in person and play with it. 

I spoke with their sales guy and he said they price matched. Though when I asked if he would price match Lowes Memorial Day sale with their military discount he hemmed and hawed. I think we will be sticking with Lowes. No one seems able to compete with their pricing. 

On our way home we stopped by The Bluffs to check on things. There was an actual crew at our house. I've never seen anyone actually working there before. It did make me feel a little self conscious  taking pictures though. I wonder if they even think about it, as they all turned to stare at the stange woman taking pictures. Lol.   I waved and said hi. Just a tad awkward. 

The forms are just about in place. Our home now has a discernible shape to it. 

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