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Home Sweet Home
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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Electrical Mess

They are in the process of putting in the electricity at The Bluffs. I'm not sure why they waited so late to put it in. The water, cable, and whatever else is under there, were all put in before the roads were paved. This has just made everything a complete mess. 

The first thing they did was put up a pole at the entrance and brought the electric from the other side of the road. 

Then they started digging a trench just a few feet from the curb with a tiny backhoe. 

They have started to fill in the trench at the entrance leading up to the model home. The wiring popping up in the ugly green boxes and caps. 

They have strung the wiring through most of the entrance road, and have started to curve it around onto our road. 

We ran into Susan on our visit. She was checking their progress, as well. She told us they had about 2 weeks and then they'll get the nasty roads cleaned up. 

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