Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Braving the mud

Monday they poured, then Tuesday it poured. It rained all day and night. Wednesday the sun came out and the temps hit the 50s. 

Unfortunately that meant my boots were put away and I wore my ballet flats. No match for the mud. 

So today I pulled my trusty boots on and visited the site. The molds are off and we're waiting for the next step. From what I can see that next step is pouring gravel at the bottom and putting the forms on to pour the walls. I'm not sure when those steps are planned. 

On the plus side, we've gone from saying "the lot" to "the house". As in, "Did you stop by the house on the way home?" It's becoming more and more real. 

P.S. The trick to keep from sinking in the mud... Follow the tire tracks of the big equipment. 

UPDATE: I picked our son up from school and took him by the house to see the progress. In the two hours since my last visit they have delivered the gravel. YAY!  Now we just have to wait for the forms to be delivered. 


  1. Good tip on walking in the mud, really could have used it last weekend. My husband was walking in the mud and sunke up to his knees, I fell on my hands into the mud laughing so hard at him. What a good time.

  2. Yes, I agree....great tip on walking the mud!! We noticed that we started to say "the house" and not "the lot" anymore as well.....it's getting real!

  3. Look at that site! LOVE IT! And seriously, the mud has been awful. My boots are just covered. I don't bother getting it off yet because I know I'm going back out in it. Haha