Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Monday, March 2, 2015

Not just any giant hole, but MY giant hole

I couldn't help myself. After dinner I made my way over to The Bluffs. The sun was setting and the place was empty. 

They accomplished quite a bit today. 

It's hard to see the hole from the road.  We chose a large pie shaped lot. Our house had to be pushed back 9ft to make room for our 3rd car garage. It's going to make for a big front yard and long driveway. Great for guest parking. 

The beast and his spoils of war. It's a giant pile of dirt in our side yard. I'm not sure if they are hauling it away or using it to grade the back of our lot. 

From the front. The light in the trees is from turning the brights on in my jeep. 

From the back. You get a good view of just how deep it is. That notch of earth in the corner we are facing will be our garage. 

It is a lot bigger than I envisioned and does  make the backyard appear a lot smaller than expected. On our lot plan the yard looked huge. I'm hoping once they backfill it gives us a bit more yard. 

Tomorrow we are expecting temps in the mid 40s but it may rain. I'm not sure they can pour footers in the rain. We shall see. 


  1. Ha, we had the same thought about the backyard appearing a lot smaller than expected when we visited our big hole in the ground--). I'm sure it'll be perfect when it's all done...it's great that we are on the same timeline. Keeping my fingers cross for good weather....

    1. What's funny is I was thinking of you guys when I saw how small the yard appeared. I think your timeline is just a bit ahead of ours. We wrote into our contract to finish end of June. We've been watching the other houses go up so fast, we're hoping we don't have to remind them to slow down. Fingers crossed over here too!

  2. YAY for a hole in the ground! :) :) So excited for you guys!