Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The outline of a house

I made my way over to the house today and just as I got out of the Jeep, my boyfriend pulled in behind me. He was a bit braver than I, but ultimately convinced me to climb over walls and go inside our house for the first time. 

I have no idea what the rebar "hoops" are on my front porch.  Anyone have an idea?

Scoping out his precious 3-car garage

The front of the garage 

AJ approves

From the lower level, or what will be our office, looking down into the basement. It will be finished off as a playroom for the kids on the backside, and a workout room toward the front of the house. 

The view from the basement window over to what will be our office. (You might notice Cathy & John are getting their siding.)

The workout area below. Looking over to the front porch. 

The back of the house. I'm not sure how much backfill and grading will cover up all that cement. We are exploring options for masking some of it. On the plus side, my siding is a similar gray to our neighbors and should blend in well if we can't. Lol

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