Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Lot #9043

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Bluffs in the snow... Wait!! What?? OMG. January 7, 2015

It snowed last night and I wanted to drive over to The Bluffs to see how it all looked in the snow.

 I noticed the model home had their roof on and the house had been wrapped in whatever it is before siding goes on.  The windows had been installed, as well as the front door.  

I glanced down the street to #9059 and saw the tubing that was on the other properties when they did the footers. Which means they will dig within days. 

I drove past the model home, heading past my lot to Cathy and Johns place to get pictures.  This is my normal route. I start at the back and work my way to the front. 

The ground was white with snow. The trees were tranquil in the background. Such a peaceful sight. Then, something stopped me in my tracks. I slammed on the breaks and flew out of my door into the freezing cold. Lot #9043 was staked. OUR LOT had stakes!!! What??!!  No one said it was happening. 

I have no idea what most of the stakes are.  The ones that really stuck out were the tall ones with pink flags. They say property line right on them. I walked from one to the other with the biggest smile on my face. Our lot is huge. We even own huge rocks in the back. It's hilarious because we had asked for some. 

The feeling of knowing I'm standing where our house will be was just amazing. I stood in the middle of all the small orange stakes and tried to imagine what was going where. I seriously had no clue.  An email has been sent to Jeff to meet us for a walk through hopefully tomorrow. 

So, the other lots were forgotten for today. I can stalk them some more, tomorrow, on my day off. 

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