Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Lot #9043

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Bluffs, as of January 4th

The big chill of Winter is bearing down on us this week. It was 50 degrees last night at bedtime. It's currently 34 with light flurries. By Wednesday, we'll be lucky to get out of single digits.  

The Bluffs on Trebein have several projects in the works. I wonder if Mother Nature will slow them down. 

The model home, The Hammond 

They are reaching the end of its framing stage. 

Lot #9046, The Bentwood, better known as Cathy & Johns house. 

They have laid down gravel on the footers. I really need to research house building to know what this is all really for. I'm assuming it's the base layer for pouring the basement concrete?

Lot #9049, The Pinehurst II, "spec" house

It has been dug out and the footers have been poured. A much larger basement than the Bentwood across the street.  From reading other blogs, I know the black tarps are for maintaining the temp for the concrete. 

Lot #9059, The Camden.

It's a ranch style home. Their lot is on the very edge of phase 1, and on another street. All by its lonesome.  They are staked out and scheduled to start next week. 

Then... It's our turn!!!  IF our appraisal comes back. I won't mind a delay, as we have asked for a late June closing. We even wrote it into our contract. What I worry is that the delay will be caused by a low appraisal. I really don't want to deal with that.  

We stopped by the Darby II model again today. Susan was just finishing a meeting with another family.  We walked into the door to, "You're about 25hrs too early for your meeting" lol. 

I really enjoy catching up on what's going on with Susan. It's their slow season, at least for the next month or so. She is in the process of selling off Lot #9039, though. I'm already thinking of house warming gifts for all my new neighbors. 

We went over our office set up in the upper rec room while we were there.  I think we need to change the location of our cable outlet in there. We will go over that with Guardian before we get to the pre-drywall. 

There is a lot to cover at our meeting tomorrow. I am starting to get so excited. 

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