Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Lot #9043

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Freezing in my kitchen

We sent Jeff (Construction supervisor) an email last night asking if he could walk the lot with us and explain what all the stakes were.  He got back to us this morning and we set an appointment for 11:30am.  My boyfriend drove from work and I met them from home. 

We had the kids with us as, according to Fairborn, it's too dang cold to get your butt out of bed and go to school.  I think the kids were okay with that. 

There is about 4 - 6 inches of snow on the ground, depending where you step, and the wind chill was about 20 below.  We wrapped ourselves up and climbed out of the car. 

While the kids jumped around in the snow and made snowballs, Jeff walked us up our future driveway to where our garage would be. 

All the tall stakes with pink flags were the property outline.  The back of the lot is all trees, and apparently he didn't want to climb back there to stake the back of it out.  So we can kind of eyeball it, but Jeff will push him to get some stakes up for us.

The short stakes with orange flags were the outline of the house and garages.  There is a slight slope at the back of the 3rd car garage, where we want a 10 x 10 concrete pad.  Jeff assured us they would be pushing back the dirt and grading it out flat.  He is digging our house a little deeper so he can flatten it out better.  The left side of the yard will be sloping and the right side will be flat.

There are also tall stakes with orange flags.   They tell the excavating crew where to dig.  They have to have 3ft out from all the walls to make room for the equipment to work on forming the basement walls. 

We checked out the boulders at the back of the yard and my boyfriend picked one out that he really liked.  After the final grading has been done, and IF their machinery can pick our huge boulder up, Jeff will have it moved to our front yard for us.  Our very own rock!

I imagined myself walking through our door into our breakfast nook, then into what will be my beautiful dream kitchen.  Then my numb fingers and painful toes reminded me that it was below zero and I needed to get my butt out of the kitchen and back to my car. 

*On a side note, there were forms sitting over at Cathy and Johns property.  It looks as though they are about ready to pour their basement walls.  The footers at the spec house were uncovered and sitting in the snow.  Lot #9059 still hasn't been dug, but the HVAC guys were at the model home putting in all the duct work. 

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