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Home Sweet Home
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The bad news I somehow knew was coming

It has been so smooth and easy up to this point. This morning we received a call from our lender to tell us the appraisal has come in $17k under our sales price!!  I was so afraid it was going to happen after reading about it in others blogs.

I am not sure what are options are at this point. We are meeting with Susan on Saturday to discuss them. 

What I think we can do is put in a complaint and have the appraisal redone. Another thing is if Inverness can work some magic and come down on price we can meet them somewhere in the middle. Well, not quite in the middle. Or a mix of all of the above. 

Now I'll stress about this until it's resolved. Until then, we are delayed from moving forward. Ugh!

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