Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Lot #9043

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Re-visiting the Model

Every Saturday we have almost the same routine.  My boyfriend lets me sleep in.  We go out for lunch.  Then we drive out to The Bluffs to see what has happened that week.  Our last visit is always to the Darby II model in Huber Heights. 

Susan, our sales rep, keeps an office there.  She's waiting for the model home, in The Bluffs, to be finished to move over.

Each week we go with specific things in mind.  Where we want the intercoms, to measure out spaces for shelving, etc... 

Today my boyfriend just wanted to sit in the lower rec room (aka our office) and figure out where or if he wanted the tv mounted. 

My goal was to find all the switches for lights, where the outlets were and where I am going to house my utility closet.  Right now my pantry does double duty, but I'd like it to have its own space. 

While looking at the laundry room and where I want my shelving to go I thought about the laundry placement.  Right now the dryer is next to the linen closet and the washer is next to the opening for the utility sink.  We aren't getting a utility sink so that's just open space.  I will be putting shelving in to hold laundry baskets.  I was thinking it would be nicer to have the flat top of the dryer next to the shelving and the washer next to the closet, where my detergent will be.  It's something I'm going to have to ask Jeff about.  I'm not sure if it's a big deal or not to get plumbing moved before the build even begins.  My boyfriends concern is that it's already on the blueprints and probably can't be changed without have to re-draw them.  Hmmm... asking the question can't really hurt. 

It's days like today I think we need to stop visiting the model.  It seems each time we go one of us wants to change something. 

We did learn from Susan that they are waiting on some paperwork to get lot #9039 sold, just 4 lots down.  She is meeting with someone today at 2:30 to price out lot #9041 as well.  The sooner our neighbors get built, the better.  Once our street is done, the rest of the construction will be out of our way.  Susans goal is to get our street sold off by the end of summer, and the entire development is to be done over 6 years. 

Meanwhile, in The Bluffs, some lone worker is out in the freezing cold putting shingles up on the model home.  The gravel has been laid over the footers of the spec house.  The forms are still sitting at Cathy & Johns house.  Not sure if they are waiting for warmer weather or just until next week.  Lot #9059 has still not been dug.  I'm wondering if something delayed their build.  Our beautiful lot is just patiently waiting for something to happen to it.

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