Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Lot #9043

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Update from Susan

According to the Inverness starting report, we are scheduled for the week of Jan. 12th. That is, if our appraisal comes back on time and at the right amount. We are still waiting for it, so it could delay us. 

They are starting to dig a "spec" house across from Cathy and Johns lot this week. A spec house is a home the company builds and sells on the market. This spec house will be a Pinehurst II. Cathy and John are building a Bentwood. Both houses are nothing similar to ours, which will keep our neighborhood from looking too "cookie cutter". 

Lot 9059, on the entrance road to the development, is slated to dig the week of January 5th. It's all coming along nicely now. I am looking forward to meeting our neighbors at some point. Hopefully they will forgive me for stalking their builds. Lol. I think I visit the site more than anyone. 

Cathy & Johns model, Bentwood

Spec house

Lot #9059, The Camden

Our house

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