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Home Sweet Home
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Dream Kitchen Design

I think my favorite part of our house will be my new kitchen.  My DREAM kitchen.  Having the chance to put in just what I want has been the most exciting part. 

My Kitchen Inspirations:

I love the look of a canopy hood.  White cabinets, dark counters, rich wood flooring. My backsplash will be just a bit darker.

Here is caledonia granite next to white cabinets, and hardware very similar to what I chose

But with this color / style of a backsplash.

Here is the kitchen in the model home of the Darby II.  We have made quite a few changes to it.

For the wall with the range on it, we have changed all the cabinetry to 42", we removed the microwave and put a canopy hood in it's place.  I also changed out the backsplash to a subway tile backsplash, at half the cost I might add.  We also chose a slide in range to really showcase a seamless backsplash at the back. 

 The cabinets are white, the granite is a gray, black and taupe mix.  The doorway in this model will be gone.  The refrigerator will be moved over next to the pantry.  I had to request my pantry door swing the opposite way so they don't interfere with one another.  We also bumped the cabinetry over the fridge to 24" so it's easily accessible.  I will put my microwave on the counter next to the fridge, hidden away in it's own little cove.

The granite backsplash and bar will remain the same as the model, just the color choices will be different.  I hate how the white outlet covers stick out.  After our visit to the granite yard, once we have a sample of our granite, we will start shopping for outlets covers that blend in better.


 These are the color choices for our kitchen.  Caledonia granite on the right.  Our dark laminate wood flooring above it.  The grey subway tile in the middle for our backsplash.  The Landen white cabinetry.  To the right of that is the sort of "greige" carpeting in the great room.

My hardware choices.

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