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Home Sweet Home
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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Our Meeting with Guardian

After reading many Ryan Homes blogs, I was a bit apprehensive about our meeting with Guardian.  Though, from those blogs we had given ourselves a $5000 budget to get what we wanted for our home.

We met with Ron, who was personable and well educated in his field.  He was able to explain everything very clearly which made our decisions a lot easier.

Our home comes with 6 lines.  We added a package of 6 more.  He used the floorplan of our house to map out where they would go.  Something we will go over, once again, when the framing is up.

We added on a security system.  Inverness has a contract with Guardian that makes the installation free of charge, and we signed up for a $40 a month / 5 yr. contract that includes their mobile APP to control the system.  It came with contacts on all of our doors as well as one motion detector.  Due to the fact that our home has 5 levels, we added an additional motion detector.

We added on the fire and carbon monoxide detection.

Finally we added on an intercom system.  It came with the door panel, and 4 additional panels within the house.  One for the kitchen, office, master and loft.  We added an additional panel for the basement.  

As I said, we budgeted $5k for this meeting and we were able to sneak away at $4k.  It was a productive meeting.  Ron will pass on our paperwork to Susan and she'll get it rolled in to our Mortgage.

Then we stopped over at the model, to really visualize where our cable lines and intercom panels will go.  Luckily, Susan had just received an email about some pages we missed signing.  We "finalized" our paperwork, but due to the fact that we missed a couple of things, we had to resubmit.  My boyfriend took advantage of this and added on a 10' * 10' concrete pad behind his 3rd car garage.  ($800)  Adding on after finalizing is a no-no, but Susan thinks we can sneak it in on the re-submission of our paperwork.  Lets hope so.

We are told it will be 2-3wks to get our blue prints and lot plan done.  Then we stake out the lot!!  It is the holidays so I'm hoping they decide to rush it along before Christmas, rather than wait until after. 

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