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Home Sweet Home
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Monday, August 3, 2015

You said WHAT??!!

We went to a fun night out with my boyfriends coworkers on Saturday. They congratulated us on the new house and asked a lot of questions  

One of which was, "When is the house warming party?  We need a party". Then out of my boyfriends mouth comes, "We're thinking two weeks."  We're thinking WHAT?!!

Now that we are both back to work progress has slowed way down. But it looks like I'll have to pick up the pace if he wants a party in two weeks. 

The outlet covers are in the process of getting changed out. I chose the covers but my boyfriend wanted to change the outlets to match a little better. 

I put up our "No Soliciting" sign. 

The glass door for the basement came in. My boyfriend had to notch out for the hinges and door handle. We were told it would come with them already so that was an irritation. My job today is to clean up the messy paint job they did. My pantry door has been delayed, yet again. The quality of that door had better be good or we won't be shopping at Home Depot anymore. 

So I thought I could use the curtains for our old house in some of our rooms. Well... I didn't think about ceiling heights. They are 9ft here and the curtains don't fit. I designed this room around those curtains. Ugh, something else to shop for.

We have decided to sod the wooded area of our backyard. It's almost cleared out now of rocks and we will use a stump remover. It will give the kids a lot more room to play. 

The wood we cut down has been piled up for future use in what will be a great outdoor firepit. Then the deck will be installed soon and we will have a complete backyard. 

The kids have finished up with their playroom. This is probably the cleanest it's ever going to be. 

Now I have to do something with this wall. 

My next day off is earmarked to paint the bedroom and master bath. Then painting is done. Hallelujah!  

Ok, two weeks. We shall see. My boyfriend has been working on his garage and it's starting to look good. This may just be a garage warming party if things don't go well. 


  1. NIIIICE! Loving the outlet switch-a-roo! It makes such a difference right? Do you mind sharing where you got your sign from? I have looked on Etsy, but still searching for the 'right' sign.

    1. I got it from a shop called COBBLESTONE CREEK on etsy, but they have since closed. I looked for a while for a good one. I wanted one that was welcoming but kept the solicitors away.

    2. Oh darn! LOL...yeah that is the hardest part...some of them are pretty scary but I could have someone custom make one. Just thought I would go the easy route! Thanks for this info!

  2. You definitely need to have a party! :)) The outlet covers look really good next to the backsplash.