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Home Sweet Home
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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Up and coming on The Bluffs

I'm seeing red!  As in, red sold stickers all over the neighborhood. Two of the best lots on our street were just sold in the past couple days. Susan is doing a great job!

Here's a run down of what's to come.  

Lot #39 is just about done with the framing phase. We watched 2 men put this house together in 4 days!  It was crazy to watch. This is a Wyndham. They will have a great view of the front pond. 

The newest spec house is under way on lot #57.  Until it's actually sold, it has the lowest priority in getting done. It will be a Bradford.  Right now it's completed the foundation phase.  If you know someone interested in a new home now is the chance. I hear someone is already calling about it. The Bluffs are becoming a hot commodity. 

We will have another Pinehurst in the neighborhood next to John and Cathys place. Lot #47 already has the footers in place. 

Lot #55 is a corner lot and it's one of the biggest lots in the community. They are putting a Dartmouth I with a 3 car side garage. 

Right across the street is lot #51. It will become a Sinclair. 

Two doors down sits lot #41. It sold this week and will be home to an Austin II. 

The best news of all came today. Susan pulled up in front of our house to put a big red sold sticker on Lot #42!!  We have actual neighbors now. We had the great opportunity to meet them a couple of times at the model home. Once they build we can finally be rid of that ugly electric pole in the yard. They are building a Camden. 

Another weekend of projects at The Darby. 

My project

His project

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