Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Weekend projects and spare moments.

My boyfriend has been hard at work on our yard the past couple of weekends. He is just about done. It looks like this is the week our new deck will be put on as well. 

I want to pick out a bench for the front porch. 

He used the plants to try and camouflage the air conditioner and gas meter. 

Inside we are still not completely put together. Time off from work is spent doing the cleaning and laundry. Just trying to do a little something each day. 

The mud room cubbies are already jam packed and things are overflowing onto the kitchen bar top. I picked up a couple of things to catch the clutter and mail before it makes it to the kitchen. 

Pictures and decor are going up slowly. 

The 3rd car garage now houses what used to reside in our old shed. My boyfriend has done a great job getting it organized. 

He put in a motorized platform that lowers to the ground when he needs to mow. 

Now an update on our pantry door. Home Depot is ordering a new one, hopefully correct this time. We just have to wait for a September 18th delivery. IF they don't delay it again. Ugh. The only thing good about the wait is I won't have our house warming until it's in and it gives me time to finish getting this house together. 

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  1. Everything is so nicely done. You all have transformed your new so quickly. Happy house warming!!