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Home Sweet Home
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our deck in progress

After a few estimates, deciding between a deck vs. a patio and then waiting for permits to go through, we are finally getting our deck. 

This is the baby 4x6 deck that came with the house. When the crew came in to tear it out we were surprised to find out the posts weren't even cemented into the ground. 

On Monday the old deck supports were removed and four giant new holes were dug. Then came an inspection where they were given the go ahead to continue. They poured cement into the holes and let it sit for two days before they started the install. 

This is after they placed the posts and back filled. We originally asked for a 12x20 deck but enlarged it to 12x24 to bring it out to the end of the fireplace. 

They drilled holes through our basement walls to anchor the supports on the house. This is going to be one sturdy deck. The stairs will come down behind the fireplace. 

They put in the railing posts and angled the edges. By the end of the day they had finished the framing and we're starting to install the boards. 

We are currently working on estimates to flatten out the lower portion of our yard and have sod installed. With all the yard work this summer, next summer we should be enjoying the fruits of our labor. 

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