Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Friday, November 28, 2014

Paperwork and more paperwork

We met with our lender and signed, oh, about 3000 documents today. He joked it was the warmup for our closing day

Then we contacted Susan and made an appointment for tomorrow to finalize our paperwork with her. 

We leave for a short vacation on Sunday. When we get home we will get our final design center appointment to finish up this beginning process. 

Next Saturday we meet with Guardian. 

It's all moving at a nice pace. Though I'm told once we get this first process over, we will have to wait a couple of months before anything happens. 

We braved Sears on Black Friday to check out appliances. Seeing them in person, vs online, helped us make some decisions. 

Now I just need to research how to keep nasty fingerprints off my new appliances. 

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