Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Neighbors

The Bluffs on Trebein are being built on old corn fields.  The farmer who sold the property is retaining an old farmhouse in the front of the development.  He also retained a 10 acre lot adjacent to build his own small development for his family.

Beyond that is more farmland, 78 acres worth.  On both sides of the road.  There were huge signs placed up on the land saying it was going up for auction.  I'm sure you are all thinking what I was... it was going to be developed.  

They ended up selling it in pieces, the closest plot next to us going for $45,000, to the owners of the home on the opposite side of the property.  

When asked what he wanted the land for, he replied, "I wanted to preserve what it was".  

Thank you Mr Risch!!  Your new neighbors are grateful.  

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