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Home Sweet Home
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Sunday, October 4, 2015

The projects keep coming

I was brought to Sherwin Williams and asked to pick out a paint color.  My boyfriend wanted to improve the look of the concrete on the front of our house. We've never been a big fan of how the brick ends well above the ground and switches to concrete. 

Having been completely surprised at these plans, I tried my best to pick out a color that would blend with the brick.  I based this choice off of pictures on my phone. This definitely looks better than the red clay stained concrete we just couldn't get clean. 

The next project was wrangling the dump truck driver in the community. We made a deal, and for $800 he was able to haul in a few truck loads of dirt to the back of our yard. Then he took his little dozer and flattened out the area under the tree line.  It also covered up all the little stumps. Now we are able to place our trampoline and install our fire pit. 

We live in the lovely state of Ohio. When we moved here we learned all about Radon. A peachy little radioactive gas that is easily inhaled and can increase your risk of lung cancer.   It gets into the home through the foundation and those of us with basements will have a higher concentration.  

We purchased a detector with our last home and immediately placed it in our new basement. You let it sit for a couple of days while keeping the house closed up tight.  A safe reading would show less than 4. Our original reading showed over 60!! Then settled down to 24 over a few days. WAY too high for our little ones to be playing in the basement. 

We contacted the Environmental Doctors and they placed a radon abatement system in for us for about $850. 

Part of it is covering the sump pump which I love. 

 It's a giant pipe that goes into the slab and vents it out above our roof line, away from any windows. 

After just a couple of days our reading now sits comfortably at .9. 

The latest project is putting an epoxy paint on the garage floor.  It took a few days as everything had to be moved, then paint, wait 3 days for it to dry. Move everything back and complete the rest. I think if we had it to do all over again it would have been done before we moved stuff in. 

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  1. Talk about projects??? You guys are rocking it out! Great work and thank you for sharing! I am especially loving the garage floor, since we have this on our to-do list, just waiting for the weather to get a little better! It looks great!
    And huge high five for getting that radon monitor installed! As a scientist, I can appreciate you looking out for the health of you and your family when there are environmental elements beyond our control!!!