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Home Sweet Home
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Friday, September 18, 2015

The joys of Granite

I am still so much in love with the beautiful Caledonia granite we selected for our home. It came sealed though never being an owner of granite I was pretty much clueless as to the maintenance and upkeep. 

We purchased special cleaners for it and I clean it regularly. What I didn't realize is how quickly it "stains" even though it's been sealed. 

If I leave water surrounding the sink after doing dishes it becomes a dark color. Eventually the water dries and all is well.  The first time it happened I was sure I had ruined it. 

Now after a couple of months the granite around my stove is getting dark. Presumably from the grease and other fun events when one is as sloppy of a cook as I am. 

It doesn't look horrible but there is a noticeable difference. So what does one do in this situation?  She researches it online.  This is the solution I have found. 

I purchased acetone from the paint section of Home Depot. A roll of paper towels. Saran Wrap and masking tape. 

You soak a stack of paper towels, 7 or 8 deep, with the acetone. And yes it smells just as awful as nail polish remover. 

After laying the thorughly soaked towels over the stain you cover it in Saran Wrap and tape it down for 24-48 hours. 

This is to keep the moisture in so the acetone can soak into the granite. 

After the allotted time is up you remove the Saran Wrap but allow the paper towel to remain in place until it dries up. This is when the towel will absorb the acetone and whatever stain may be in your stone. 

I just placed the towels down today. I am really hoping it will clear up my granite as advertised.  For tough stains they suggest repeated applications. I'll keep you posted. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this informative post. I will be sure to do this.

  2. Yes! My granite does the same think. Specifically by the sink. And that's with sealing it too.. but eventually it dries up, but you can distinctly tell a difference in color. Did it work?

    1. It did work. I forgot to post about it. I'll have to do that. It's a stinky process but it really does work well. I think we're going to try to re-seal our granite to prevent it from happening again.